Our Donations

Johnson & Johnson Medical

Johnson & Johnson Medical provides product donations to support surgical missions in the Asia Pacific region. Product requests are reviewed by our Contributions Committee and donations will only be made to listed (bona fide) charitable organisations in Australia and New Zealand. All requests must be made in writing at least six (6) weeks prior to the date required.

To make a request please complete the Johnson & Johnson Medical Product Donation Request form and send it, together with the supporting documents, to the Johnson & Johnson Contributions Committee.

Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd

Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd partners with a limited number of (bona fide) charitable organisations to influence change in specific areas of need within our community. Every two-to-three years, we identify organisations that are in need of resources to either introduce or sustain impactful programs designed to prevent and reduce the burden of disease in society. With a heavy focus on research and evidence-based models, our partners help to educate parents and children on proper health, nutrition and hygiene habits, as well as to boost community capacity to meet the needs of vulnerable families.

If you believe your organisation’s programs align with our goals of preventing disease and helping Australian children to grow up healthy and happy, please contact us by writing to: .

Please understand that, due to the vast number of submissions received, we are just not able to help on every occasion; however, each and every request we receive is given equal consideration by our Community Giving team